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Yes, if there is no outdoor sewer cleanout that we could access. If you have a sewer cleanout and it’s not behind a locked gate or fence, we can send an email with an estimate later and discuss any questions over the phone.
Please send us the video, as it does help, but we cannot give the estimate on that alone. We need to access the site to be able to observe all the factors. We are proud to have accurate estimates and we cannot give an accurate estimate without seeing the property.

A full sewer repair typically varies between $5,000- $30,000, but it could be more in unusual circumstances. Unfortunately, we can’t get more specific until we do an inspection.

No. While it may look a little dirty while we are in the process, we use trenchless repair methods that require less digging and we use specialized equipment to make as minimal disruption as possible. After the repair is complete, we clean up so it looks like we were never there.
Click “Accept” on the email estimate we sent and pay your deposit online.
Our standard deposit is 30% to cover permit fees and some up front material costs.
We will come and get it going for you, for free. Call our office at (253) 778-8056
“Trenchless” is a broad term to cover various methods to get pipe underground without digging a trench. We do have to dig at least one pit to reach the existing pipe, but trenchless is more time effective and less disruptive to you and your property than digging a trench.
While we are there working, you should be able to use your drains most of the time. We will let you know ahead of time when we need you to stop using your water for a while, and for how long. We’ve had people accidentally flush on us a few times. It isn’t ideal but won’t hurt anything besides your pride.
Credit cards, cashier’s checks, and checks handed to our crew lead upon completion. We offer financing through Enhancify.
Please follow the link to see the options we offer. 
Only a soft credit pull is required to get initially approved. We offer 0% financing through a few card companies for people with high credit scores. 
This requires a bit more of your time and in-person signatures/notarized documents but is a great option.

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